Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in Manchester, 2013.

I woke this morning having decided to vote Conservative in the next election. This will go against my Labour background but I feel they are untrustworthy.

It has taken me a while to come to this decision but I feel it is one that I have to make for the good of the country. I believe Theresa May will be the best person to negotiate with the European Union to deliver a Brexit that the British people want and voted for!

As far as I’m concerned, Jeremy Corbyn would be a good person to lead the country after we’ve finally left the EU. I believe his policies for the country are good and he will help the working man and woman more than the Conservative Party would.

It is a little like saying Winston Churchill (Conservative) was the best person to lead us in to war but Clement Attlee (Labour) was the best person to lead us post war. Both had specific qualities which were needed at specific times in our history. The same is true now.

Add to that, that the Labour Party is totally untrustworthy, in my opinion. If Corbyn were to be elected they would, as soon as possible, try to remove him as leader and replace him with a Blairite. In much the same was as a master criminal removed their false face to reveal their true selves once they have achieved their evil plan.

Maybe the Labour Party is a spent force? Maybe they need to split (again) into a traditional working class party, lead by Corbyn and a new middle of the road party, lead by a Blairite.

Wait a moment, didn’t that happen in 1981 when the ‘Gang of Four’ leave the Labour Party to set up the SDP or Social Democrat Party? They later merged with the Liberal Party to become the Liberal Democrats.

So, we know how that turned out and maybe this is history repeating itself? Didn’t they learn the first time around?

As for the other parties, the Liberal Democrats are led by a moron who thinks we are all sinners, is a bible basher who took 2 years to reveal that he doesn’t think gay sex is a sin (funny how an election gave him the kick he needed to come out with that gem) but who thinks we need a second referendum on the Brexit question. Farron is a moron and I’d sooner vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party!

Ukip are, I’m afraid, a spent force. They had one job and they succeeded in it and we should be forever grateful. Without Nigel Farage the party is anonymous. I believe Nigel should have stayed at the helm until we finally and officially leave the EU then retire, turn off the lights and close the shop for good.

The Green Party are just a bunch of mindless morons who’d be better served as factions of the main 3 parties where they’d have more influence than as a bunch of hemp wearing, razor dodging women who probably show no mercy for Mother Nature when they need to dry their hair by grabbing their hair dryer as opposed to letting it dry au natural.

Theresa May

First off let me say I despised Margaret Thatcher. I despised her for what she did to the country, did to the council house stocks, did to the trade unions and did to the working class people. This only played out fully in later years.

However, I like Theresa May as a person. She was a councillor in my borough when I was a teenager but the thing I like about her the most is that she is a woman who is seemingly happy to grow old gracefully!

She doesn’t dye her hair, trowel on the make-up or go for face lifts. She is a good example for women everywhere that you can still dress well and look good at a certain age without having to resort to trying to look like a woman of 25.

Seriously, honestly, fair play to her! In an age where everyone is obsessed about appearance it would have been easy to have at least gone for a subtle cover up of the grey hair.

No, this isn’t a piss take, I am being genuine. Fair play to her. I especially like that she had a Depeche Mode phase back in the eighties when she was a councillor for Wimbledon! 🙂

Theresa May – The Depeche Mode Years

Final Thought

People go on all the time about if we are right wing “racists” who want Brexit or if we are part of the lefty liberal elite who want to be consumed by the EU and let in as many foreigners as possible.

We are neither!

Our politics are left or right depending on the issue not by our personality. We all have left or right leanings but few of us are happy to admit it.

I know someone, who shall remain nameless, who is as much of a Conservative supporter and voter as you’ll find. He dislikes the left and all they stand for yet he is more than happy that there is a social welfare system to take care of his daughter. The same system that was introduced by the Labour Party and is a core principal of the left socialists.

Not that he’ll admit it or recognise it but it does prove we all have left wing policies in us as well as right wing policies. We are all good and evil at the same time.

People should not be put in a pigeon hole and it is probably because of this that there are more ‘swinging voters’ today than ever before.

We pick a subject that is more important to us and our policy on that helps us decide how we’ll vote.

For me, this year, it is about making sure we go through with Brexit 100% and get the best deal for Britain, even if it means walking away with no deal. We should not pay the European Union €100b to leave, what are they? One of those illegal seedy strip bars from Soho circa 1985 in which you had to pay to leave?

The Conservative Party has always stood up for Britain, they are patriotic and they will fight for the best deal they can.

This is why I will be voting Conservative, for Theresa May, at the United Kingdom general election on June 8th!

I am a proud Englishman and a proud Briton. FU to the EU!


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