The Donald

Liberal media run stories that simply cause more problems in society then they seek to repair with articles such as this one.

I come from a very working class family in a south London suburb. While I was growing up the newspaper which was delivered every morning was The Sun and on Sundays we had the News of The World and The People.

During my teenage years I carried on buying The Sun and did so throughout my twenties. I admit that I liked the tits on Page 3 but also the style of journalism and the sport section appealed to me.

The journalism was what I’d call simple. It did wrap things up in overly complex terms, it packaged things into simply digestible forms of articles.

After leaving England and the prevalence of online media has taken hold my news site of is The Guardian.

The reason I frequent The Guardian is that generally speaking they reflect my political view in that I am centre ground and I share some of the core values that the paper does. Maybe not as extreme as they do but still.

While The Guardian doesn’t have tits they do have a very good range of free Podcasts, which first got me hooked into their site. Tits you can find everywhere but good quality podcasts are hard to find.

Just like in my youth, I don’t believe or agree with everything I read in The Guardian and for balance I read other news sites too such as the Daily Mail, BBC News and Sky News websites.

I believe that if you want to form a balanced opinion you need to read news with a slant from both sides. If you are a ‘leftie’ and you read The Mirror then how will you ever form a balanced opinion if all you are reading is news that supports your already biased views.

I’ve always felt that you learn more by speaking to people with a different view to your own than speaking to people with the same view. Living in a bubble does nothing for you and while you do not have to like or agree with the people with other views to your own, you just might learn something!

So where is all this leading to? Well, recently there have been a plethora of articles against the ‘Alt-Right’, Donald Trump, Brexit and so on by the liberal media and today I was almost horrified and almost disgusted when I loaded The Guardian’s website to find an article with the headline:

Are you a Trump man or a decent man? Time to choose.

What sort of a headline is that? It is implying that if you support Trump, like him in some way or are in any way like him that you are not a decent man.

Everything has to be placed in to context, as much as you may find something unpalatable. What has Trump done that is so terrible? He spoke about women in a disrespectful way. Okay, that was more than 10 years ago but it all got blown up last year.

What else? “He has done some terrible things against women.” Like what? Where’s the proof? There is plenty of hearsay but he hasn’t been taken to court.

“It’s because he’s rich that he got off!” That didn’t help Bill Clinton, a Governor at the time.

I am far from a Trump fan but also one of my top 3 hates is injustice and I think Trump is the target of a lot of rubbish written about him. Most of it is put into the psyche and accepted as truth.

The liberal media would have you believe there is a racist, sexist warmonger in the White House. I actually heard on LBC during the weekend an interview with someone who has written a book on Trump where he said during Trump’s run for the White House he pledged to take the US into as many wars as he can and to use nuclear weapons.

Say, what? He said he’d put the US first, stop policing the world and never mentioned nuclear weapons! Liberal media and the Democrats keep saying Trump has his finger on the nuclear button to scare people but he alone couldn’t launch a nuke if he wanted to.

How the media gets away with implying that Trump would rape or molest female leaders when he meets them, as they did when he met May and Merkel, is beyond me and is quite disgusting.

But it isn’t the first time the media has demonised someone. They did it with Farage and countless others.

But let us remember a ‘crime’ has to be judged in it’s correct context. The 1970s in England were a very different place to today, as was the US. It wasn’t illegal to rape your wife in the 1970s, for example!

We can’t apply our standards and morals today on situations that occurred in the 1970s. Yet we do. We look back at how homosexuals were treated in the 40s and 50s with horror but forget the fact it was illegal at that time. It was a crime!

But it’s difficult. Times move on and if someone is being tried for historical sex crimes, as we’ve seen recently, we can’t help but think how we do today.

One of the DJs, Dave Lee Travis, was on trial for approaching a colleague from behind and squeezing her bottom. It happened in the 1970s and while I would not seek to defend someone doing this today in the 1970s it was a different world!

Today, women have more protection from such things occurring and quite right too! I’m just against the liberal media taking things out of context to pain someone into a bad light. Once something is in the public domain, or out of the box, it is difficult to put it back in again!

As the great Depeche Mode sang:

You can’t change the world, but you can change the facts
When you change the facts, you change points of view
When you change points of view, you may change a vote
And when you change a vote, you may change the world


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