British Prime Minister, Theresa May

Earlier today Prime Minister, Theresa May sought, and got approval from Parliament to call a general election to be held on 8th June 2017.

This now presents me with somewhat of a dilemma. As a British citizen I am registered to vote as an overseas voter in a UK general election though I am in two minds which way I will cast my vote when the voting slip arrives.

I come from a working class family that is traditionally Labour and while I don’t feel compelled to vote Labour in the way past generations would I feel quite torn when considering voting for another party.

In the past, I would quite happily abstain from voting in an election if I felt I couldn’t support the Labour Party rather than vote for someone else. I don’t believe in voting for another party in protest or as a tactical vote because it could do more harm than good.

Since I have been eligible to vote I have always voted Labour up to and including the 1997 general election when Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ ousted the Conservative Party.


In 1997 when Tony Blair won the general election for the Labour Party I had hopes that they would not continue the policy that the Conservatives had been following in allowing Britain to slide towards political union with Europe. Unfortunately within 6 months the Labour Party signed the Amsterdam Treaty, taking us further into the European machine.

I felt Tony Blair and New Labour did not represent my beliefs. I am a Socialist at heart but I am also very patriotic.

I would describe my political views as left of centre. I believe in the welfare state, trade unions, helping the less fortunate, free education and taxing high earners more but I am also patriotic, I believe in being tough on crime, tough immigration policy (but not impossible) and not being part of the European Union.

When the next general election came around in 2001 I decided not to vote. At the time, I knew I was moving to Sweden and that made the decision easier. I also felt that I could not trust Tony Blair and I was proved correct.

Not only did New Labour sign the Nice Treaty later in 2001 after they won the general election but they then allowed Britain to follow the US into a war with Iraq that was without base and he lied to the country to justify it.

Further to that his government was responsible for gross acts of negligence such as selling off Britain’s gold reserves when they were at a historic low price and allowing former eastern European countries citizens freedom of movement to move to the UK immediately upon their country joining the EU.

Other member countries imposed a 2 year moratorium on their free movement, a decision Tony Blair was too stupid to apply.

Blair’s government thought just 80,000 Poles would come to the UK in the first 3 years but almost 1 million actually came in the first 2 years!

Let me say here and now, I have nothing against any foreign nationals coming to the UK. However, they should be skilled and the same should apply for British nationals if they want to move to another country.

Freedom of movement for workers who have no skills is not good but maybe the real problem is that the seed was sewn during the Blair era where the youth of Britain were let down and not able to get the education they need to better themselves. This meant the low skilled jobs they needed were taken by low skilled European workers who would work for less money.

As we say ‘love Europe, dislike the European Union!’

Later, after winning his 3rd general election, Tony Blair signed away almost all of the UK’s sovereignty when he signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2007, which featured so many constitutional changes that it should have been put before the people to be voted on.

Blair said we did not need a vote even though other countries had a vote. Even the EU thought we should have a vote. What a wanker!

So to cut a long story short I did not trust any Labour leader until Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015.

To be honest, Jeremy Corbyn is the first leader of a party that I feel like I want to vote for. When I previously voted Labour it was, kind of, blind voting because I disliked the Thatcherite government I grew up with. It was all I ever knew and it was totally corrupt in the 1990s.

So this leads me to my dilemma. For the first time ever there is a leader of a political party I feel can do good for the country and good for the people of the country but I don’t trust all the back stabbing fuckers who are MPs in his party.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected in 2015 and faced a challenge to his leadership in 2016. He even had to fight to be allowed to stand for the leadership election because they were trying to stitch him up.

So, while I feel I trust Jeremy Corbyn I don’t trust the other fuckers to not back stab him out of office within 12 months! Corbyn is a Euro-sceptic so supports a form of Brexit but there are a lot of people in his party who want to derail Brexit and keep us in the EU against the will of the people.

So, maybe I should turn my back on Labour and vote Conservative because they support Brexit and are fully behind the will of the people.

It is a difficult choice. I believe Theresa May will easily win the general election so my vote won’t make a difference. But, as I said before, you never know and you should vote for what you believe in and not for a tactical or protest vote.

I have a few weeks to consider my move but I will have to decide before everyone else because I need to post my vote.

As I write, my distrust of the Labour party in backing Corbyn and sticking to Brexit is greater than my hesitance to turn my back on my class to vote Conservative.


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