BBC's Question Time

To the regret and dismay of negative Remainers, the British economy is powering ahead on all fronts. Every single indicator has been flashing gold since the June 23 referendum.

The UK is the fastest-growing economy in the Western world, ahead of Germany and even America.

We are enjoying a jobs miracle which is the envy of Europe, with unemployment below five per cent – less than half the EU average. Even can-do America is asking how we did it.

Foreign cash worth billions is flowing in from tech giants such as Apple and Google, the clearest vote of global confidence in UK plc.

Exports are booming after a welcome fall in Sterling, trimming state borrowing and easing the burden on taxpayers. We might even be able to begin paying off our huge national debt.

By any standards, this is a remarkable picture worth headlines on our biggest news network but have you seen a BBC programme showing Brexit in a positive light? Or even suggesting there might be an upside to leaving the European Union?

Perhaps more to the point, have you seen ANY programmes at all about the downsides of EU membership or the economic chaos inflicted by its blunders?

Even the Pope has condemned Brussels for treating its 450 million citizens with contempt. Yet our public service broadcaster, funded to the tune of £3.7 BILLION by licence payers, remains mute.

The Beeb will not tell you that, while Britain is a success story, most of the EU is wallowing in debt and stagnation.

Or that tens of millions of young people under 25 are on the jobs scrapheap while any work that does come up is taken by migrants on low wages.

Indeed, it is because so many EU jobless are flocking to find work in the UK that our own immigration figures are so high. If the number of French people living in London moved to France, they could form that nation’s sixth largest city!

You won’t see that on Newsnight. Indeed, the BBC seems to believe the hopes and dreams of our own young people have been trashed by Brexit.

The BBC rarely mentions the EU sovereign debt which will impoverish today’s children as they reach middle age. Nor will you hear from them about Italy’s teetering banks or France’s unaffordable welfare bill or the violence involving migrants who can’t or won’t integrate.

The BBC categorically denies pro-Brussels bias, while at the same time acting as an echo chamber for the most outrageous claims of Europe’s leading lights at home and abroad.

For the Beeb, it is the Brexiteers who lied and cheated their way to victory by promising to transfer our EU contributions to the NHS.

There is no criticism of Project Fear’s grotesque exaggerations, all of which have been systematically proved false. The most blatant example of bias came last week, as Theresa May penned her carefully pitched letter triggering Article 50 in which she stressed the security risk from a bad deal.

The BBC, among others to be fair, exploded over what it portrayed as “threats” and “blackmail”. Yet there was no such outrage when the EU demanded £50 BILLION up front before Britain is allowed to quit the union.

Or when Spain made a sneaky grab for Gibraltar. For the BBC, it was somehow OUR fault for not seeing that one coming.

Auntie is playing a double game. It claims to be unbiased while simultaneously preaching a non-stop diatribe of anti-Brexit propaganda.

Last week, BBC boss Tony Hall was presented with a dossier showing its interview slots are stuffed with Remainers at the expense of those who actually won the referendum. He loftily waved the allegation aside.

But the whole tone of the BBC, from news to comedy, is seamlessly hostile to Brexit and fawningly sympathetic to Remainers. Question Time audiences are a disgrace.

Theresa May has to expect political antagonism, whether it comes from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker or French President Francois Hollande.

But at a time of crucial negotiations on the United Kingdom’s economic and constitutional future, the publicly funded BBC should be above reproach.


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