Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May signs the official letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, in 10 Downing Street, London, Tuesday March 28, 2017, invoking Article 50.

I believe in many things though I don’t expect other people to share my beliefs. Other people are free to believe what they like and I respect their beliefs.

This could be about if there is a God, what we should eat, what political colour is the right one, who is to blame for the rise of Islamic State and so on. We all have a right to out own beliefs and opinions.

We do not have a right to our own facts! Furthermore we do not have a right to claim to speak for another group of people just because we share something in common with them.

For example, that twat Lily Allen. Yeah, I like some of her music but as a person she is a first class moron! When she went to The Jungle, the migrant camp in Calais, and apologised to them on “behalf of everyone in the UK” I wanted to vomit. Vomit on her.

How dare she apologise on my behalf! What right did she have to apologise to a fully grown man, pretending to be a teenage, who had managed to find his way half way around the world to try and illegally get into a country, when the country in which he was currently residing was perfectly fit for him to claim asylum in?

But no, that liberal Nazi felt they should all be let in. She said we should take them into our homes. To date, two years later, she has yet to take on into her home!

She isn’t alone. A lot of the ‘luvvies’ who have a lot of privilege go around spouting nonsense about how we should live our lives, how their privacy should be respected and so on.

I class Madonna and Angelina Jolie as bat shit crazy but they put their money where their mouths are. Then again, they can afford to, can’t they?

So you can imagine my horror when I went looking through my list of daily news sites to stumble across an article on The Local website by someone claiming to have been betrayed by the British government.

For those of you who don’t know, The Local claims to be a website that features Swedish news in English for us who live here. In reality they post sponsored articles that portray Sweden in a certain light that suits the aforementioned sponsors.

So, you will rarely find mentions about the rapes, bombings, murders and so on that actually happen. Instead you will find articles about the best way to make a cake, what Swedish women like in bed or how disastrous Trump is for the world.

Basically all the news and views that the loony liberal left want you to read and want you to believe Sweden is.

I can’t prove this to be the case because you have to be able to read Swedish to have your horizons expanded by reading other newspapers.

That aside, once you know their agenda you can look past the bum fodder. I rarely open any of their articles, it is just interesting to read the headlines and affect their traffic stats. Someone who visits the home page and then leaves is better than not showing up at all!

But I digress.

Someone called Tomas Spragg Nilsson, who claims to be British, wrote the article I am so miffed about.

Straight away I would guess he is married and being a modern man he took his wife’s last name, a very modern liberal thing to do. No, I’m not being personal because I don’t know him, I’m just trying to work out what type of a person he is.

In the article he wrote:

“I talk, write and rant about the politics of Brexit often enough. But today – the day the process begins to feel much more real – I’ve been reflecting on the situation Brexit personally puts me in.

“I feel betrayed. I left the UK a number of years ago to live in Belgium and since then I have moved to Sweden. In the time I’ve been outside of the UK, I’ve been the archetypal exerciser of freedom of movement. I’ve travelled, worked, studied and yes, even claimed benefits in countries I wasn’t born in.

“I feel betrayed because I led this life, safe in the knowledge that the EU would afford me the rights to do so as a citizen of one of its member states. I’ve paid taxes in these countries, I’ve contributed to the communities in which I’ve lived, I’ve gotten married, had a child and bought property – all because I knew my passport would allow me the security to make these financial and emotional investments.

“Last June the rug was pulled from under my (and 1.2 other million Brits abroad in the EU’s) feet. Nine months on and our world seems just as upside down as it did on that fateful day. We feel betrayed, as in this time the British government has failed to reassure its citizens abroad. So too has it failed to reassure EU citizens in the UK enjoying reciprocal rights. On the contrary – Mrs May’s government has even been criticized [sic] for using EU nationals in the UK as pawns in the negotiations.

“Now I have no doubt that in all of this, the Swedish government (I hope) is likely to look kindly on UK citizens in Sweden, as would many other EU member states. After all, like EU citizens in the UK, we often contribute more to the economies we live in than we take out in benefits (if you discount the thousands of British pensioners on the coast of Spain). But if I was the Swedish government, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to safeguard the rights of Brits in Sweden, knowing that the British government was willing to hold Swedes in the UK hostage.

“So I’m torn. I feel betrayed by a British government unwilling to stand up for my security, and I look to a Swedish government I greatly admire to simultaneously stand up for Swedes abroad whilst extending a hand of friendship to Brits who’d much rather stay than head back to Blighty.”

Where do I start?

Well, Tomas… You obviously don’t know much about politics or negotiation tactics, do you?

If the UK government announces that all Swedes can stay in the UK how can we then go and start negotiating with them to let twats like him (and me) stay in Sweden? The Swedish government can just tell us to do one. We already gave them what they wanted so why should they give us what we want?

No doubt he’d cry like a baby if he were forced into returning home and say the UK government didn’t do enough to safeguard his right to stay in Sweden.

But no, if you read what he wrote he states he is married. He is married to a Swede and has a child so he would not be forced to leave whatever the case.

Tomas then went on to speak for all of the estimated 1.2 million Brits living in Europe by saying “we feel betrayed”, well I fucking don’t! I voted for Brexit as did a few other Brits I know living in Sweden.

Do not speak on my behalf! What kind of arrogant prick would claim every British person living in the Europe would vote to remain part of the EU?

He then goes on to criticise Theresa May. I’m no Tory but I don’t think it is her fault that she is in this situation. In fact, Theresa May wanted to stay in the EU but is abiding by the wishes of the electorate in taking us out.

I decided to look up the writer of the article on Twitter but couldn’t bring myself to read many tweets because he had such gems as:

“Dear British MEPs, We didn’t elect you to behave. Show allegiance to your values, the UK and the EU. Not to May’s disastrous strategy.”

Does this person know Ukip have a lot of MEPs? I don’t think he knows anything. So I asked him, in a polite way and he blocked me rather than enter a dialogue.

The snowflake generation can carry on crying, spitting their dummies and throwing their toys out of the pram but they need to wake up and get with the program.

If the writer of the article wants to move to, for example, Germany after Brexit he can. As long as he fulfils their criteria. Just the same as we can ALL move to Australia, Canada, America, Japan and so on if we fulfil their needs.

Maybe it might give the youth of today a bit more incentive to get an education, get off their backsides and turn off the X Box!

Rant over!

Edited on 2017-03-30 to correct spelling mistakes.


  1. You criticise someone for not knowing the political landscape…

    Then fail to spell the UK Prime Ministers name… twice!

    It’s Theresa May by the way…

    • Thanks for correcting me. I have amended the spelling mistakes, I should have known better as she was my MP when I was a kid… Still don’t like the Tories! 🙂


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