I realise that I’ve missed the boat where 2017 predictions are concerned. A staple of every website for the past three months have left me with the impression than this year will be brighter, faster and more technological than ever before.

Fingers crossed. So, to stay ahead of the crowd, let me tell you what I think 2027 will be like instead.

For starters, we’ll all have to fully embraced renewable energy for the reason that we’ll have no alternative. There will be plenty of oil left, but it will be difficult to get to and restricted to producing plastic, toothpaste, lubricants and other essentials.

Computers will be primarily voice-controlled, but desktop machines will still be with us in one form or another – most likely in offices.

The rise of voice computing will have done one of two things: either it will have so numbed us to the idea of allowing our data to be sent here, there and everywhere for processing that we’ll no longer care, or conversely, we’ll all have read a few too many stories about high profile raids and arrests off the back of automated analysis of processed voice patterns.

As a result, we’ll be terrified of saying too much in front of our smart TVs, and we’ll be self-censoring our speech in our own homes.

Finally, self-driving cars will be a reality, putting a whole other strata of society out of work. If the car manufacturers have any sense (debatable), this means they’ll do away with big dealerships and instead dispatch self-driving cars from the factories direct to our homes to take us out on pre-defined test drives, and when we choose one we’d like to buy, it will deliver itself.

Practically the whole nation will be unemployed. We’ll live in a society that will resemble a cross between Terminator and The Matrix.



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