Friskis och Svettis

Here is my training program for the first 12 weeks. I will perform two sets of each exercise and train on three non-consecutive days a week.

On the days when I am not at the gym I will go on a long walk of not less than 1 hour and not more than 2 hours. The Sunday of each week will be designated as a rest day.

Exercise Body Part Sets & Reps
Chest Machine Press
Pec-Dec Machine
Seated Overhead Press
Upright Rows
Seated Reverse Flye
Seated Row Machine
Standing Dumbell Curls
Standing Hammer Curls
Seated Tricep Dip Machine
High Cable Tricep Pressdown
Seated Leg Press
Seated Hamstring Curl
Barbell Calf Raises
Chest (overall)
Chest (outer)
Shoulders (outer)
Shoulders (inner)
Back (upper)
Back (overall)
Biceps & Forearms
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x 15 reps
2x to failure

When lifting weights I always concentrate more on the negative side of the rep. So, with the bicep curl, the negative part of the rep is when you are lowering the weight to your waist.

A general guide is to perform the positive part of the rep in 2 seconds and the negative part of the rep in 4 seconds.

So, with the bicep curl, it should take you 2 seconds to lift the weight from your waist to a 45 degree angle from your shoulders and then 4 seconds to lower it back down.

Studies have shown that negative rep training builds better quality muscle than the explosive part of the rep.

You’ll notice that there are no stomach exercises. I see no in training the stomach muscles when they will never show on me. I will concentrate on core training after the initial 12 week cycle.

After training I will finish up with 30 minutes of cardio, which believe me, will be hell. I hate cardio, it is boring!

I will probably split the cardio into 2 exercises, such as treadmill and static bike.

The best way to perform cardio is to do interval training. For example, 2 minutes at a medium pace then 2 minutes at a slower pace and repeat. Interval training burns more fat.


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