Sexual Consent App

Sexual consent apps have arrived for iPhone and Android devices (others to follow) and everyone is asking themselves… Why?

Because you laughed not long ago about how someday you’d need a signed ‘Sexual Consent Contract’ from a woman before proceeding with any sexual activity, here they are.

Numerous technology start ups are now working with colleges and universities to develop apps for students to use to codify sexual consent in verbal or written form.

They have cute positive names like ‘Good2Go’ and ‘Yes to Sex’, but mostly they are giant mood killing devices designed by female developers and campus ‘Title IX’ administrators to make sure straight males never have sex again.

“What-About-No,” aims to help users take a tougher stance against unwanted sexual advances by playing a video of a policeman saying “No” for their partner and recording an encrypted video of them watching it.

“I’ve Been Violated,” lets victims record details and evidence of their sexual assault on a video that will be saved until they choose to file an official report. The “Party Pass” app aims to promote safe and responsible partying behaviour. By using the app to scan a code displayed at the entrance to school-sanctioned parties, students pledge to “not engage in sexual relations for the next eight hours unless I have an explicit discussion about them with my prospective partner first.”


What are your three favourite apps? Pandora, GChat, and I’ve Been Violated? Yes, let’s definitely catch a movie.

Sugar coat it all you like in powdered feminism. Rapists, not synonymous with horny young men, don’t give a shit about apps, laws or which bathroom they’re allowed to pee in.

They just rape. These apps and campus seminars won’t stop an animal intent on sexually assaulting a woman.

It will fuck up tens of thousand of otherwise fun experiences between students on campuses across the country and the world.

These poor bastards are facing a future of student debt and no jobs. Can’t they just have sex in peace for their student years without the ‘Feminazis’ taking that away?

I’d love to be nineteen again. Except for this bollocks.


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