Riot police during the first night of the riots, in Tottenham

The Peasants Are Revolting… Revolting? They are absolutely bloody disgusting!

The last 3 days have seen London and some other areas of England burn because of the riots. I have been in active discussions with people on a variety of social websites and most people denounce them but there are some who say they are justified.

A range of excuses have been trotted out ranging from ‘the youth need answers’ to ‘how else can you protest against what the police get away with?’ which I assume is connected to a known drug dealer and gang member who was shot by police because he appeared to shoot at them.

Reeves Corner on fire

The level of wanted destruction shown over the last 3 days is totally disproportionate to anything the youth or anyone else may be feeling. People are unhappy at the government cuts, student fees, services being cuts and so on. Hard time call for hard measures and if there is no money in the pot you have to make cuts. Why not make students pay for their education? As my dad taught me, you can’t get shit out of a rocking horse.

I don’t understand the logic to the rioters. Below are some pictures from the riot in Croydon, a place I grew up in and around from when I was 14.

How can any of this be a justifiable action for a protest? Jesus, the government cuts have not even kicked in yet, fuck knows what will happen when they do.

How can people having to jump for their lives from the 1st and 2nd floor of a building be an acceptable form of protest in order to be heard?

In other areas groups of thugs stopped cars, threw the people out and set fire to them. Ordinary people who will be affected by the same problems they have become a target. Other incidents caught on film show gangs stopping women and children and making them strip so they could steal their clothes. Women and children completely naked. How disgusting is that? And we are supposed to be a civilised society.

So, to you morons who think that these actions are in some way justified even if you have done nothing yourself you are still as bad as this scum!


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