A rioter throws a rock at riot police in Clarence Road in Hackney

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and cruel humans can be. The recent riots seem to have polarised opinions about if the actions of the criminals are justified or not.

Let us start with the word ‘criminal’ because some people don’t see them as that. Clearly they have broken the law so it is a clear case of black and white, right? Not so according to some. To some people their actions are a justified answer to how they have been treated by society. These people think it is totally acceptable to loot, mug, burgle and steal by any means if you are hungry. The is clearly the opinion of the insane!

How can anyone say it is ok to rob a pensioner of their pension because they are hungry? It is totally illegal so they are committing a criminal act. So in the eyes of these loony left morons it should be legal for a hungry, poor person to commit crimes. Where would it end?

Who would say what the limit of hunger or poorness would be which would make committing a crime acceptable? One of these leftie morons even said she would accept being mugged and robbed if it was by a hungry person. She clearly has no idea and needs to be incarcerated for her own protection. She should also be kept away from sharp objects.

The same person suggested looting and rioting were a justifiable response to needing answers from the police apropos a shooting by the police in Tottenham. We’ll leave aside that the mob were asking for a full IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) report within 36 hours of the incident for the moment but to suggest that if you do not get an answer from the police or a politician it is ok to go out burning buildings down it, and I can’t keep it is any longer, is completely fucking insane!

What ever way you look at it they have committed a criminal offence. A law is there for a reason and in it there is no mention of ‘arson is illegal, unless you local politician does not answer your question. In such a situation, do what the fuck you like!’

Stop for a second and imagine what kind of world we would live in if we had laws which had clauses in pertaining to perspective of the perpetrator. The court cases would not be about the criminal act but more about the perspective in which they were committed. People would be let free because the judge could ‘see the defendants point of view’ when it came to reasons why someone committed that crime.

Imagine people being let off of drink driving offences because the judge could agree the night bus was not a pleasing alternative, the walk home being too long and the taxis being too expensive. Chaos.

It was suggested to me that I was wrong and that I would prefer people to go hungry. This is not true, there are plenty of places hungry people can get food. There is help for them if they want it. A lot, maybe not the majority of the homeless want the kind of help on offer. Why? Because they would be required to conform to society. To get help they would have to agree to turn up at a certain place, stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Perhaps the lefties think this is taking away their human right to be a tramp?

I, and this may have been a lack of judgement, suggested that if it was acceptable to steal, mug, etc if you are hungry then would rape be acceptable if you were horny and not had sex in a long time? Naturally this was met with shock and horror. I was looking for an extreme reaction to show the girl how moronic her view was. Apparently the law should only apply to her morals not anyone else’s.

Of course I do not condone rape, I do not condone any law breaking. I have broken the law in the past and I have accepted the consequences for my actions. I offer no excuse for why I did what I did but I should have been punished and I was. At the time I felt I should have been able to do what I did and even at the time I knew what I was doing was wrong and I accepted the consequences at the time. They were minor offences but they were wrong.

The fact is I have known 3 women who have been raped. Two of these women have been victims of burglaries while they have been home alone and asleep. In the victims opinion, not mine, having someone in their apartment or bedroom while they were asleep was worse than being raped. Does that sound weird? Maybe it does but it becomes more understandable when you know their stories.

One was raped by a friend. She knew what happened and why it happened and while it was not a violent rape it was rape. When she was burgled she did not know what had happened, how long he had been there for, did she know him, would it happen again and so on. The person was never caught so she had no closure. She said she felt more violated by the burglary than the rape. You can’t argue with how a victim feels.

The other person was raped by someone she knew, a friend of a friend. According to statistics 85% of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. She was walking home from a gathering of friends and this guy was one of them. He did not walk with her but waited for her. At the time the rape took place she did not know it was him, she thought it was just a random person. She too was burgled in the same manner as the previous girl and like her said being asleep while being burgled made her feel more violated because she did not know what she could do to avoid it happening again but she knows what measures she can take to be safer when walking home.

The two girls have no connection to each other. One if English living in England and the other Swedish living in Sweden.

The third girl I know who was raped can’t imagine anything worse than being raped. I write this in the interest of balance. Not everyone will react the same to a crime but then not every crime is exactly the same.

Maybe this next point I am about to make is controversial but I will make it. Rape is theft by another name. It is the most serious kind of theft because it is taking something personal but like having a mobile phone stolen it is taking something without permission and using menaces.

You might say ‘ah, if it was the same when why does it have a different name?’ and to that I would cite buggery and sodomy. Essentially the same act but one is two men having anal sex and the other is a man and a woman. Same act perpetrated by a different person.

Some of you, most of you will not agree with most of what I have written and that is your right. I used to think I was on the left of politics but New Labour has pushed me to centre right and so have a lot of their core voters.

Everyone has help available. If you are hungry there is help, if you are homeless there is help, if you can’t pay your credit card if you talk to them they will help and so on. There are always option and crime is not one of them. If we give people an excuse to commit a crime or civil unrest because of their circumstances it is a short cut to a barbaric society.

Whether you agree with me or not the law is the law. Rapists should have stiff sentences (no pun intended), rioters should be punished with prison sentences and in fact all law breakers should receive punishment befitting the crime. There can be no excuse for breaking the law, you may have a reason but you do not have an excuse!

If you can’t do the time then don’t commit the crime!



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